Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag: HOT

Alamak ni 1st time kena tagged. serius tak pernah main game ni..hihihih
I've been tagged from a women call
MamaZana, yang mana dia baru je habis study (Degree in Accounting)..congratssss mamazana...

Here the taq Q begins:

1. Do u think u are HOT?
Yup I’m hot in my hubby eyes. Hihihi

2. Upload a fav pic of you

3.Why do u like this picture?
The day I become a wife of a man called ZAFARIS.

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
Yesterday – Dominos Pizza. Extravaganzza Pizza. nyummyyyyyyy

5. The last song u listen too?
Kaer – Bukan Kasihku

6. What are u doing right now besides this.
Listen HOT Fm

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
Adik (nickname at Univ); TK (nickname at school)

8. People to tag:
1) Nur Hidayah
2) Liza
3) Idajer
4) Ismi
5) Anyone…

9. Who is no.1
My best friend in Univ. aka roommate in 2nd semester.

10. No.3 is having relationship with?
My virtual friend. She just win the Gin & Jacqie’s bag (argghhhh jeles2x)

11. Say something about no.5
If u like this tag, please do so…hihihi

12. How about no.4?
The bestest akak in the opis..yeahhhhh

13. Who is no.2
Another my virtual friends. Love to read her blog.


attyfir said...

cantik in blue..sweet je

mslvoe said...

gojes pic dear.

Ida Raja Idris said...

hi yati! dah jawab dah tag itew!!hehe..tq!ohh, pic itu mmg cantik sgt!

MamaZana Baharum said...

thanks dear... nice n sweet pic.

Nurhayati said...

tq tq tq